Introduction to Mindful Parenting

Resources and strategies to tame triggers and tantrums - for you and your little one!

This is the first lesson of Mindful Parenting Practices, an online course to help you calm your parenting triggers, connect more deeply with your children and re-write your parenting handbook. In this first lesson, you'll learn to better understand and process your parenting triggers.

Your Instructor

Kristine Petterson
Kristine Petterson

Kristine Petterson left public education to become a yoga instructor, birth doula, mother and certified sleep consultant, in that order. Now, she brings it all back full circle to use her education training in these empowering Mindful Parenting and Healthy Sleep classes. When she isn’t chasing her two daughters, she’s providing families with education, support and strategies that empower greater connection and well-being.

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mindful Parenting?
Mindful Parenting helps parents incorporate mindful strategies to the art and science of parenting. You'll learn to pay closer attention, get curious, use empathy, and observation to prevent problems before they start and connect more deeply with your children.
Why Mindful Parenting?
It's a major shift away from shaming, policing and punishments, to curiosity, validation, and problem solving.
What aged children is this class recommended for?
This class is meant for toddlers and grade-school aged children - stay tuned for my teen class in the Spring!

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